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A Fortnite Season 7 Week 12 Epic Quest sends fans to hunt Wildlife, and this guide details several good locations for the task. Newly leaked information suggests that King Shark and one more Suicide Squad character could be coming to the wildly popular Fortnite. Fortnite has plenty of cosmetic items and skins to choose from, but there are a few key alien-filled franchises that Epic hasn't tapped into yet. While the player with the best aim will usually come out on top in a fight, building is absolutely key to give yourself the biggest advantage possible.

With the popularity of Fortnite Battle Royale by the start of 2018, Epic split off a separate development team to focus on improvements for this mode. Epic said that their attention to Fortnite was causing some of their other games to see lower player populations, leading them to reduce development efforts on these games, particularly Paragon. By the end of January 2018, Epic announced it was shutting down Paragon by April of that year, providing refunds to all players.

Fortnite Battle Royale has become a phenomenon and has been compared by analysts to World of Warcraft and Minecraft for successfully drawing in people who do not usually play video games. Three months later, in June 2018, Epic announced they had achieved over 125 million players in less than a year, with at least 40 million players playing the game once per month. In November 2018, Bloomberg reported that Fortnite had over 200 million registered accounts across all platforms. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney reported that the game had reached 250 million players by the time of the 2019 Game Developers Conference, with an estimated 35% of those players being female, the highest known percentage for any shooter game. In May 2018, Epic announced a partnership with sports apparel manufacturing company IMG to produce official Fortnite-themed clothing. A Hasbro-licensed Fortnite Battle Royale-themed version of Monopoly was announced for release by late 2018; the Fortnite Monopoly game reflects some elements of the video game, such as the money being replaced with player's lives, and the ability to protect properties on the board with walls.

The firm that represented the four cases, Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hect, stated this was merely a procedural withdrawal until they completed the registrations with the Copyright office. By September 2018, Sony had made a decision to allow cross-platform play for the PlayStation 4 for "select third-party titles", starting with Fortnite. A beta version of the PlayStation 4 client supporting this was released for the game on September 26, 2018, the same day as Sony's announcement.

The UK's Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Matt Hancock, expressed concern at how much time children were playing Fortnite Battle Royale and similar video games without a balance of physical exercise and social interactions. Other agencies, including the United States' Center on Media and Child Health and the United Kingdom's National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children have cautioned parents that children may be influenced by the violent behavior due to Fortnite Battle Royale. A separate class-action suit filed in California in February 2021 asserts that Epic knowingly "misleads and manipulates minors into handing over ever-increasing amounts of real money for virtual things" through its V-bucks system.

We've put Fortnite together this useful Fortnite beginner's guide as a reference point to give you all the basics you need, so you'll have a solid foundation to build upon once you glide down to the island. We've leaned on the hundreds of hours collective experience earned by our crack team of Fortnite experts, to bring you what we believe will be the most useful information about how to play Fortnite, so you'll be fully locked and loaded when you take your seat aboard the battle bus alongside 99 opponents. Some parents see potential in their children becoming skilled in Fortnite as to become professional players and compete for part of the large prize pools, creating a market for tutors to help children improve their skills in the game. At the same time, as Fortnite Battle Royale became a social hangout for younger players, issues of peer pressure and bullying have been raised.

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